What is Spiritual Direction?

If you are unsure of your understanding of Spiritual Direction (it is really not "direction," nor is it necessarily counseling), I recommend you first review the following references.  You will learn that Spiritual Direction is a place to tell your story, to look within, to know yourself, to see who you are, to help eliminate the illusions that you can ill afford, even though society and our addictions may recommend them.  Spiritual Directon is an opportunity to "concrete-ize" your search for the spirit.



http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2009/january/27.30.html    -   a Christian perspective
The Monk In The Cellar

The name Monk In The Cellar honors the fictional character, Brother Jesse.  Jesse's spiritual journey was more typical of most men and women than one might suppose of a cloistered monk.  Yet, except for spending his days in a monastery, he lived an interior life that was probably not much different than most of us.

I created Brother Jesse because I wanted to portray a man placed in tough circumstances and follow him as he began to realize that while God was in charge of his life, Jesse was in charge of his arms and legs.  He learned he must fully participate with his creator in the living of his life.  He must join the dance.

I offer you the same opportunity ... to join the dance with your creator, whatever your conception might be of him or her.

I meet with people of all faiths, no faith and somewhere in between.  If you are fairly certain something transcendant lies outside your self, I would be interested in working with you.  If you have a very strong and exclusive faith in a particular religion, we may be able to work together, but you might consider counseling with your clergyman or woman.  If your religious observance is average,  it will probably be deepened by an emphasis on the spiritual walk.  This is something you do for yourself, not for others.
How It Works:
Stories and Essays
These are not meant to be theological, only thoughtful.

Bus Stop

Dream World

Trust The Math





Ever This Day

Waiting For Me



(more about counseling than  spiritual direction)

Going Home

The Wind

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Once each month we meet for an hour or so.  You talk, I listen.  You talk, I suggest.  Spiritual Direction is not teaching, it's more like an extra set of eyes on the spiritual path.
My Writing:  If you're looking for a spiritual director, you have a unique opportunity to meet me first through my writing.  My written words might even tell you more about me than I can remember.  I do not write specifically religious or spiritual articles.  I write from my heart.

To the right  are a few articles and stories for you to get to know me, with Jesse's Blog listed at the end.
I am ...

I am a graduate of the Haden Institute (HadenInstitute.com), having completed their 2 year course of study in Spiritual Direction, which is jointly administered by Haden and the Mount Camel Spiritual Center, a Carmelite monastery in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.  I have been involved in spiritual direction and counseling for the past ten years, as well as spiritual retreats since 1980.  I am a member of Spiritual Directors International.  My formal education includes a Bachelor's and Master's degree, though not in spiritual studies.  I am retired from business, my career involving corporate planning, marketing and education, but I am not an A-type personality.  I am quite laid back, often irreverent and a good listener.  I believe I've been called to Spiritual Direction.  I have also worked as a public school teacher and as a counselor.  I live with my wife  in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.

You may reach me on my cell:  845 389-2477
email:  davidgriffin@sccoast.net
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